30-Day Challenge: The Best Way To Start Good Habits

You’ve tried to build a new habit into your life but gave up after the first weeks? Are you curious how you can adopt new empowering habits successfully? The 30-day challenge can change your life.

Are you ready for some self-improvement?

After reading this you’ll know exactly how to adopt new habits into your life. You start gaining momentum which builds your self-confidence that drives you towards success.

I’ve used this technique successfully many times and practice these habits every day as part of my morning routine. Let’s go!

Why Are New Habits Difficult?

People fail for various reasons.

This could be anything from changing too many habits at once or not approaching their goals in a serious manner.

If this sounds like you, I recommend that you read this article to build a plan before you start. This increases your chance of success.

Some people are serious about their goals and want to develop a better lifestyle. Yet, they struggle to push through.

How’s that possible?

It’s possible because adopting a new habit is a shock to our system. You’re doing something new and you’re not comfortable with that.

Even though you understand that change is necessary, your mind seems to completely ignore this logic.

The reason for this is that doing something new requires you to step outside your comfort zone.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is something that you naturally offer resistance to. You offer resistance to it because you’re unsure about the outcome.  

You unconsciously ask yourself the question: what if I don’t get the results you want? That would make all the efforts a waste of time.

The underlying communication to yourself is: stay comfortable and keep doing what you’re doing right now.

The Initial Barrier

You can prepare as good as you want to but you’ll experience resistance. Making a plan to avoid mistakes definitely helps but you need a follow-up.

Especially the beginning phase of a new habit is when you resist a lot to change.

Therefore, you need a strategy to push through these initial layers of resistance.

That’s why I use the approach of the …

30-Day Challenge

I cannot stress enough how this approach has helped me to adopt new habits. It’s one of the great tools that I use for my personal development goals.

Some of the changes I’ve made with this challenge are:

  • Daily meditation
  • Getting off meat & fish
  • Daily cold showers
  • Getting into a sales job

The 30-day challenge is a fun way to give yourself a chance.

As I told my own 5 years younger self that I would never get into sales.

I needed some income while I was living in Melbourne. And because I didn’t want to work in hospitality, I gave myself 30 days to do sales. I told myself that no matter what would happen, I would stick to the 30 days (unless I would get fired).

And guess what… against earlier beliefs, I actually found some joy in doing sales.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I believe that the 30-day challenge has the power to change your life. To do the things you otherwise wouldn’t be able to stick to.

Let’s dive into …

How It Works

For the 30-day challenge you only need to do one thing;

Commit yourself to a new habit for 30 days without complaining.

It’s that easy.

Chose the most important habit for you to adapt to your life right now.

Build a plan to reduce risks and minimize difficult moments.

Then, commit to 30-days of practicing this habit, no matter what.

In fact, this habit has to become a must for 30 days. It has to become more important to you than eating or sleeping.

Immerse Yourself


For 30 days you’re not allowed to complain about how hard it is. You’re not allowed to give up on this challenge.

Fully immerse yourself into this habit for 30-days and work your ass off!

That really is all there is with this challenge.

That’s not difficult, is it?

What’re 30 days?

Starting Simple Good Habits

30 Days is the amount of time that you need to break through the initial barriers.

According to Brian Tracy, 21 days is the amount of time you need to adopt simple habits. You can read more about what simple habits are in this article.

30 Days surpasses the 21 days and I can say for experience that it has had a great impact on my life.

After the first month, your initials struggles are behind you. The habit becomes gradually easier and slowly integrates into your life.

You won’t need as much willpower anymore at this stage. It might even become joyful!

But what if…

The Habit Still Sucks

If you have difficulty with the habit after 30 days, you’ve got some options.

Ask yourself: how important is this habit to me?

What would happen if you wouldn’t stick with the habit?

If it’s important, you might want to stick with it a little bit longer. Some habits take longer to completely get used to.

If it’s something you just tried for the challenge, you can give up on it now.

Don’t feel bad about yourself. If after 30 days you still struggle like you did before or you don’t like the change at all, stop.

That’s the …

Power Of The 30-Day Challenge

Women sitting on a blanked on the beach staring at the ocean

The power of the 30-day challenge is that you can try to adopt something new. Something you would never try out otherwise.

You commit yourself for the full 30 days and if it still stinks after that, you stop.

There’s no shame in doing that because you gave it a fair try.

It’s much better than saying you’ll never try something because you’re scared that you won’t be able to stick with it.

And that would hurt ego, wouldn’t it?

However, if you communicate towards other people that you’re doing this as a 30-day challenge, who’s going to blame you for stopping after the 30 days? It is a challenge after all.

When The Habit Is Important

If you say by now that your habit is really important to you, I get it. You really want to realize this habit and don’t want to give up after the first month.

So, you don’t want to do the 30-day challenge because it would feel like a failure if you would quit after the challenge?

But isn’t it better to go through the challenge rather than not trying at all?

In fact, wouldn’t you feel hopeless if you know you must change but never try something to make it actually happen?

If you’re never going to take the first step because you’re scared, then what’s the worst thing that could happen with this challenge?

After 30 days you’re going to be where you’re now but with the difference that you’ve made an attempt.

Now, don’t go into the 30-day challenge with the mindset of quitting in a months time.

You need to commit to putting in your best efforts to make it work for at least 30 days!

If you’re going to half-ass this challenge, you might as well not do it. But I assume if you’re reading this by now, you really want to change and I admire your commitment.

The Different Kinds Of Habits

There are 2 kinds of habits: simple and complex.

Simple habits are habits that are quite easy to change. If often requires only 1 action per day and has the characteristic of having a clear start and a finish time.

For example: start exercising, practicing meditation, trying intermittent fasting, learning yoga, and daily reading.

Complex habits are more difficult. The reason for this is because these are habits that run for the full duration of the day. These habits don’t have a clear start or finish time.

These are the habits that you practice from the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep.

A few examples are demonstrating courage, communicate lovingly, eating healthy and nutritious foods, practicing the most important principle in communication, and increasing productivity.

As you can see the simple habits are way easier to include in your life. These are the habits that work best with the 30-day challenge.

What About Complex Habits

You can use the 30-day challenge for complex habits but you’ve to approach it slightly differently.

You still have to commit yourself for 30 days to this habit. 

It is important to focus on one single habit because this trying to change multiple habits at once, is a pitfall that many people fall into.

In your preparation, you must make sure that you set reminders for yourself. Do this with post-it notes, alarms on your phone, and other creative ways.

These are the type of habits that you want to remind yourself to constantly. Do this for at least for the full month.

You want to live and breathe these kinds of habits every minute of your day. You want to be thinking non-stop about these principles.

Now, that’s difficult!

That’s exactly why you must remind yourself constantly.

After 30 days you can choose to remove the reminders and see how you go. If the reminders don’t annoy you, you can keep them so you’ll stay focused for sure.

Complex habits are difficult to attract into your life but surely not impossible. They have the greatest impact on your life.

However, if you’re just starting out on your journey of improving yourself, do this:

Start With Simple Habits

The most important thing when you want to change your life is to start slow.

If you’ve always felt like you were losing in life, you have to turn things around.

You’ve to gain the feeling that you’re winning. A small win can do this for you.

So don’t try to flip your life upside down, but start with your first simple win.

If you start with your first small victory, you feel like you can make change happen. That’s why you must start with one of the simple habits as discussed earlier.

Do something that you can do first thing in the morning.

What this does for you is that you start your day with a win. This builds the necessary momentum.

And if you keep building upon that momentum, you become an unstoppable wrecking ball.

Building Momentum

Once you’ve built some initial habits into your life, you start to feel more confident. You know that you can make change happen because you’ve proven it to yourself.

You’re building some strong momentum.

Gradually, you can start to build better and more difficult habits. You’ll notice that your whole life starts to turn around. But always remember:

You must fully commit for 30 days to 1 new and simple habit that empowers you.

Key Points

The 30-day challenge is a great way to commit yourself for a full month to change. But before you start with the 30 days, plan your challenge strategically.

In these 30 days give it everything you’ve got. Make this habit a priority!

After 30 days you can decide if you want to stick with it or not, but remember, you must fully commit to the 30 days first.

Start with a simple habit to build up momentum. Simple habits are things like exercising, meditating, intermittent fasting, cold showers, reading, and more. Make sure it’s something you can knock out early in the day when you still have all your willpower.

After your first wins, you start to build some momentum. Use this momentum to work on the more challenging habits and changes.

It’s Your Turn

What habit are you going to commit to for the next month? Let us know in the comments down below how you’re going to empower yourself with the 30-day challenge!