How Facing Fear Is The Key To Unlock Your Dreams

What was the last time you were fearful? Whether you hate big spiders or freak out on stage, you’ve experienced fear at some point in your life.

This event probably caused you to link pain to the emotion of fear, right? But it can actually help you in your personal development.

Before you can understand how it can help you, you need to understand what it actually is.

What Is Fear?

So then what is fear? When you’ve got a look in the dictionary, you find that the definition is the following:

“A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.”

The dictionary states that fear is an emotion. If you’ve read this article about emotional intelligence, you know that emotions are signals from your mind. It’s the mind that tries to tell you something.

That’s where the dictionary refers to the danger or pain. This is what you’ve experienced. But here’s the interesting part: “whether the threat is real or imagined”.

You’re often terrified and freaked out for no reason… That’s crazy, right?!

What Causes Fear?

When you get close to an event that might be dangerous to you, your mind responds with the emotions of fear. The mind does this when it gets into unknown situations. But you need to understand something about the mind.

Our brains are designed to keep us alive. They’re not designed to be in our best interests all the time. This means that you can feel the emotion of fear when you’re about to give a presentation.

Obviously, your mind isn’t very helpful here.

You now know that fear is an emotion from the mind that can occur when you’re threatened by danger. This could be serious like a robbery or something self-inflicted like a presentation.

Let’s see how this can help you in your personal growth.

How Fear Helps In Your Personal Development

Moments of fear are going to happen whether you like it or not. You’re never going to get rid of it completely. But this is exactly the reason why it’s a very helpful emotion for your personal growth.

The feeling of anxiety means that you’re about to do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Personal growth occurs only when you’re pushing your boundaries beyond your comfort. You see how fear and self-mastery are laying in bed together here?

Every time you notice that you feel the emotion fear setting up, it’s a good sign. In fact, these are the opportunities that you’ve to lean into.

Fear is the greatest indicator for you to see if you’re improving yourself. In fact, it’s so important to you that you must…

Seek Fear Consistently

Eagle seeking for his prey

You’ve to seek fear the same way as this eagle seeks for its prey.

It’s not a secret that we grow when we’re outside our comfort zones. You need to push yourself through uneasiness to grow beyond your current limits. We all know this and yet, not too many of us are doing it.

This is your opportunity!

We don’t have to do much to get what we want today. But even though we live a better life than at any time in history, we complain more and more about not having enough.

It’s not the lack of materialistic things that drives us into feeling lonely and depressed. It’s because everything in life basically comes on a silver platter. Getting into fearful situations and forcing unnecessary growth? No, thanks.

Your Greatest Opportunity

If you’re willing to consistently put yourself into situations of fear, you’ll develop yourself beyond what anyone’s expectations. You’ll rise to heights that you can now only dream of.

Looking for situations where you feel doubtful and then do it anyway is going to shape a better you. This is going to help you in your career, raising your kids, your relationships, and much more.

Take public speaking for example. Public speaking is something most of us dread. At the same time, public speaking is one of the greatest skills to gain a higher income. Don’t you see the great opportunity in this?

Don’t Be Stupid

I’m sure you’re not thinking: “what a great idea, I’ll just jump out of my window. Sounds pretty scary.” But if that’s you, read on…

Not all fears are the same. Sometimes you’re experiencing it because you’re in actual danger. For example, when your house is on fire.

What obviously is implied here is the fear of which you know it’s preventing you from doing something that helps you grow outside of your comfort zone. Something that helps you to build that valuable skill in life.

Don’t think that doing crazy and dangerous stuff is going to benefit you on this journey. That’s just being a jackass.

Is Fear Forever?

If you fear something, this may or may not be forever. What I mean is that you can get over it, depending on what it is. On the flipside, it’s possible that the fear is going to be there forever.

This doesn’t mean that you never can get over it. It just means that you shouldn’t make a goal out of getting rid of fear.

The amount of fear you experience reduces when you keep putting yourself into situations where you experience uneasiness. It’s like building a muscle – it grows stronger over time if you keep practicing it.

The Biggest Fear

According to Susan Jeffers in the book: Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, the biggest fear you face is the fear of not being able to handle it. 

This means that you can’t handle what comes next if you fail after pushing yourself through the initial fear.

For example, if you’ve to go on stage, you might be terrified of messing up the presentation. But you may be even more fearful of what’s going to happen when you mess up. What if they start throwing rotten tomatoes?

This is the deepest level of fear. So how do you get over this?

First, by knowing that you’ll be fine. How often were you fearful for something but then it never happened? This happens very often. Besides, even if they would throw the rotten tomatoes, so what?

Most people can relate to your situation because they fear things in life themselves. Although not too many people talk about theirs, everyone experiences it.

Secondly, by taking responsibility for everything in your life. Stop waiting for something to happen because it likely won’t. Stop complaining about the unfairnesses in life because this doesn’t help you. Start being proactive instead of reactive.

And thirdly, …

Take Massive Action

Do what Nike says: Just Do It! Taking massive action is going to build up your personal references. From there you’ll see that it’s not as bad as you first thought.

Sure, you’re going to run into some bad experiences but don’t let this justify your fears. Keep taking action and you’ll get better at what you’re doing. This gives you the confidence that you need to develop yourself.

The confidence you gain from the massive amounts of action you take brings you pleasure. The boost in confidence alone makes the action worth the effort.

This is going to help you to get the girl you want to marry, the wealth you need for the freedom you want, and the ability to helps other people.

Overcoming Fear

Facing Fear through Skydiving

Is there another way to overcome fear, rather than taking massive action? The short answer is no. The long answer is that you can get hypnotized into overcoming your anxiety. Or you can visualize the situation often in your mind, that you might be able to deal with it in real life without fear.

But let’s be honest, who’s going to take the slow route? If you want to overcome it there’s only one way and that’s through it.

Keep in mind that everyone experiences fear. You’re not the only one. But what separates you from those people is that you’re going to slay it like it’s a demon.

On the Hunt

What’s something in your life that you want to get better at but have avoided it because something holds you back? Be honest with yourself while you’re doing a self-reflection.

What do you desire but haven’t achieved yet? Are there any steps that you’re currently taking to get closer to this dream? If not, it’s time to start seeking out for those steps.

What stands between you and your desires is your own fear. You now know that you shouldn’t run away from it, but rather act through it. What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Once you learn to act despite the fear you’re experiencing, doors open that have never opened before. It’s time for you to start shining.

A Great Indicator

It’s the great emotion that can help you to climb to the next level. It’s the greatest indicator that you can have in knowing on whether you’re growing or not.

Do something fearful every single day and expand yourself to the greatest heights.

Key Points

Fear is the emotion that the mind sends out as a signal when you face potential danger. The mind is unsure of what’s going to happen. This can prevent you from achieving your personal growth in life.

This means that you can use it as a great indicator of personal growth. Every time you experience fear, you’re about to step outside of your comfort zone. This allows you to grow as a human being.

Uneasiness is never going to go away completely. The problem is that the deepest fear of men is that of being unable to handle the fear. But ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen and how likely is this going to happen?

The more action you take, the less you’ll experience it. It’s like a muscle that needs constant training and growth.

Remember that every time you’re going to do something for the first time, you’ll experience fear. It’s your natural barrier that you need to push through to get where you want to be.

It isn’t so much about the destination in life, but more about the journey. Fear is part of this journey. Without it, everyone would just walk into paradise and therefore defeat the concept of paradise.